Come with an idea, and leave with a product in 12 weeks. 

The Road to Launch

It starts with why.
Phase Zero:
Ideation & Mind Map

We start every project with a thoughtful ideation session to make sure you've thoroughly covered everything. We want to build the right product, not just any product. 

Idea to Company 

Now that you have an idea, it's time to form a company. We've built internal tools to make the lengthy paperwork, bank visits, legal complexity, numerous fees, and non-obvious decisions about what services to use super easy. 

Phase One:
Requirements & Technical Designs

We break every part of your idea apart to develop a well-structured product plan. We start with requirements and swiftly move into the technical design of your system. We've done this a thousand times, so we're kind of good at it. 

Product Roadmap 

Once we have requirements and technical designs, the full roadmap begins to come together. Your dedicated product manager will lay the foundation and have you sign-off before we move to the next phase. 

Phase Two:
Design & Prototypes

The design isn't just what it looks it, but also how it feels and works. We start with user stories, wireframes, high fidelity designs, and interactive prototypes to make sure it's just right for your users. 

Development & Support 

We develop from user stories which allow for an agile development process. Every part of development is tracked and reported on, to ensure we're efficient and delivering value with every commit. Maintenance and support are truly something we pride ourselves on being great at. We stick around after launch to make sure you understand your data and help to fix issues. 

Ready to Launch?